Director-Writer-Producer: Bessy Adut
Co-writer: Xenia Purrigros

Genre: Horror
Pitch: Unfriended meets Hostel.


A brilliant student who is bullied in high school and suffers from OCD reluctantly accepts her older sister’s invitation to a horror-themed Escape Room game with her popular friends. However, the group quickly realizes they are part of someone’s sick game after a trap in the room injures one of them. With no options but to follow the Game Master’s command to solve all the puzzles before the countdown finishes, the group starts finding clues. The teenagers soon discover that the puzzles are custom-made for them, and that the Game Master is someone from their past who seeks personal revenge. The truth of what happened some years ago comes back slowly, creating alliances and rivalries among the teenagers.

When the two sisters realize that their friends aren’t telling them the whole truth, they join forces to get out of the room alive. However, it comes down to the younger sister to let go of her fears and save them from the Game Master.


"Escape Room" is a proof of concept for our feature film, "Shadows in the Room." If you want to read the screenplay or help with production, please contact us:

Bessy Adut
Queen Bee Film Hive LLC
(818) 860-9618